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Opera Software "Opera Software today permanently removed the ad banner and licensing fee from its award-winning Web browser. The ad-free, full-featured Opera browser is now available for download, completely free of charge, here." This news got submitted a staggering 14 times, and as far as I know, that's a record.
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Well, then
by DigitalAxis on Tue 20th Sep 2005 15:01 UTC
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I guess I need to look up key-bindings to figure out how to open tabs like I do in Firefox... (hold a key, click the link and it opens) That, and find some way to get it to work with my university webmail (I have to click multiple times on each link for it to decide to load, something that really shouldn't work, but apparently does)

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RE: Well, then
by eMagius on Tue 20th Sep 2005 16:11 in reply to "Well, then"
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Shift-click to open in a new tab/page. Shift+ctrl-click to open in a new background tab/page. Middle-click works, too.

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RE[2]: Well, then
by DigitalAxis on Tue 20th Sep 2005 22:16 in reply to "RE: Well, then"
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Oh, interesting. That does make more sense than the Control-shift-enter-click thing I found searching through their help system. Thanks!

Now, if only I could figure out the deal with the reverse padding on some sites ( I'm guessing it had to do with IE autopadding some things, that I read somewhere from some disgruntled webadmin.

I'll try 8.50 (I have 8.10 Technology Preview 2+BT) and see if it fixed the webmail bugs.

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