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Windows I'm sure you're all still (sadly) familiar with the recent 'debate' I had with InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy, which detailed a lot of silly things. The seed of that discussion was planted with Kennedy's first article which, among other things, claimed that Windows 7 performed similarly to Windows Vista (meaning, slower than XP). Leaving the thread count discussion behind, Kennedy did include a benchmark which showed that Windows 7 performed similar to Windows Vista. There's a new benchmark out now, comparing a slightly more recent build of Windows 7 to Vista RTM/SP1 and XP SP3, and in these tests, Windows 7 blows all of those out of the water.
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RE[2]: My take
by chris_dk on Sat 13th Dec 2008 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE: My take"
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Windows 7 is also Pre-Beta as of now, so passing any definitive judgment (in any direction, for or against) is not very smart.

Do you really think that the Windows 7 beta will change much from now until january when it is supposed to come out?

I am so happy that for every day that goes by the choices of other OS'es are going up and the lock-in of Windows is getting smaller.

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RE[3]: My take
by Nelson on Sat 13th Dec 2008 19:55 in reply to "RE[2]: My take"
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The word is that Windows 7 is set to RTM sometime around April to early May.

If you look at Vista when it hit Beta1, there is a world of a difference between it's RTM.

If the progress between the two builds I've tried is any indicator (6801 to 6956), then yes, the builds are getting much better with each progressive release.

However, you seem to have already formed an opinion regarding what Windows 7 will be through whatever psychic powers you have, so I'll leave you to your business.

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