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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Even the most experienced Linux admin can sometimes feel frustrated trying to do a simple task in a new *nix environment like Solaris or BSD. This quick tutorial should ease the transition and clarify the most common terminologies in Solaris 10.
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phoenix Member since:

Here, here! Why, oh why, oh why, couldn't the Linux folks pick up where BSD left off, instead of trying to (poorly) emulate SysV? The FHS would be so much simpler to understand.

/ is the OS

/usr is apps shipped with the OS

/usr/local is for apps installed via the package manager

/opt is everything else, if you don't want to pollute /usr/local

/home is for user directories

Does it get any simpler?

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darknexus Member since:

Just one of the many reasons I always choose *BSD over Linux where possible, and only choose Linux if *BSD is lacking an essential driver or application. I've always found BSD to be clean, and not just in the filesystem aspect. The overall system is just much better integrated and gives the feel of a well-crafted piece of work. But we don't need anymore *BSD vs Linux vs SysV vs Solaris flame wars. BSD is what _I_ prefer, that's all.

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