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Apple Microsoft's first-ever iPhone application is a slick photo viewer with a browsing capability that handles a large number of photos on a mobile device screen. The Seadragon mobile application is free through Apple's application store. It a product of Microsoft's Live Labs division, which focuses on developing Web-based technology and applications. Seadragon incorporates the Deep Zoom feature, which is also integrated into Silverlight 2, Microsoft's multimedia tool. It allows a user to quickly magnify a particular area of a photo, regardless of its size.
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Apple and Microsoft are ev...
by hibridmatthias on Tue 16th Dec 2008 16:53 UTC
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er the innovaters (Bet you thought this was gonna say something else, didnt you all)..

All joking aside, it is interesting to see Microsoft going laterally into web-based content/management rathher than full-blown-kill-all monoploy tactics. Also to see them integrating with Linux and Apple.

It seems like Microsoft is making a strategic move like Novell did with its Netware during the DOS days? Instead of just hammering with their OS monopoly, they seem to be going in a new direction as an add-on shop with a more humble and competitive attitude. I cite Silver/Moonlight, acknowledgeing ODF formats, and iPhone apps as examples). With the rise of OSX and Linux and the Vista debacle, it would seem they actually might want to innovate to stay relevant.

I'm not saying they aren't still an unethical behemoth only to be rivaled by Apple's unethical questionably open platform, but it would seem that the rise of libre software has truly altered the traditional computing landscape paradigm...

It's a neat time to be interested in computing, that's for certain

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This is a direction Microsoft have been pushing since the Windows 95 days.

After all, he who controls the internet controls the world.

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