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Editorial states: "Microsoft (or a really smart ISV) should build a full application manager for Windows, similar to what most Linux distributions do today." Most Windows applications come with their own distinctive updating mechanism (much like Mac OS X), instead of having a centralised updating location like most Linux distributions offer. While it certainly wouldn't be harmful for Windows to gain such a feature - the question remains: isn't it time we rethink program installation and management altogether?
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Lack of package management is a flaw
by abraxas on Tue 16th Dec 2008 20:13 UTC
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The biggest issue Microsoft faces without proper package management is security updates for third party applications. Some programs have their own program updaters while others require you to check the web manually for updates. Even if your program has an updater if you don't use it for a while it won't update. Then all the sudden you open the application and it is two versions behind and full of known security flaws. Microsoft's image of a security nightmare will never end if they can't implement a more coherent package management model.

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