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RISC OS Earlier this month we reported on RISCOS Ltd [ROL] possibly undertaking legal action against RISC OS Open Ltd [ROOL], with the latter being the shared source project started by Castle. This news came down pretty hard on the already small RISC OS community, but it did have a number of positive effects: representatives from both ROL and ROOL were quick to explain that there is absolutely no animosity between the two companies, and that the community has nothing to fear.
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They do allow you to download the OS
by armbase on Wed 17th Dec 2008 10:49 UTC
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A6 (the company) make a tiny RISC OS machine called the A9. However, some people also want windows but cant buy 2 machines. That is where the A6 comes in. I beleive it is a x86 winxp box with a JIT app that lods the roms (in windows).

RISC OS Ltd (ROL) recently announced a £5 download of RISC OS 4 that you can run on an ammulator in linux, windows and mav via RPCemu or redsquireel. So you can download it now. :-D


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aaronb Member since:

A6 (the company) make a tiny RISC OS machine called the A9.

For the same kind of size Asus Eee Box and the Mac mini are both more powerful and less expensive while using less energy than your standard ATX / BTX PC.

RISC OS Ltd (ROL) recently announced a £5 download...

Again we can either buy a A9 or run RISC OS via an emulator, why can't RISC OS be updated to run on more platforms?

I like RISC OS but still cannot understand its direction.

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Yes the EEEPC is cheaper. I bought one in Nov2007 when they came out here. However, it is just a celeron and the new ones are Atom's. There would have to be a HAL eating upa bit of that power.

The main problem with porting RISCOS (which I suggested in 1997/8) is the OS is a pig in a poke. It is nice, but it has lots of old chunks of BASIC and hard to rewrite assembler (ARM Assembler). That is probably wher the speed came from. I remember a home written Imaging app we used in 1992-1995 that was ARM Assembler with a BBC Basic front end running on an 8Mhz machine. It aws actually quite fast. :-) Anyway I digress.....

It would take a lot of time and effort to do this and there is no money (real money) in the OS to make it worth while.


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