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In the News In a muckraking article, suppliers to well-known computer manufacturers are accused of mistreating workers and violating Chinese labor law: "According to a Hong-Kong based human rights organization, working hours total up to 370 hours per month, workers aren't receiving the legal minimum wage and in the run-up to Christmas, days off are cut out entirely." One of the reasons that high tech hardware has become so widespread and useful is because it's so inexpensive. As this article demonstrates, this affordability can come at a price.
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RE[3]: shit happens
by WorknMan on Wed 17th Dec 2008 21:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: shit happens"
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By buying something from these countries or practicing our usual over-consumption, we silently ignore the problems and participate in the acceptance of poor working conditions.

Thank you, thank you, for a word of truth. I was starting to feel sick to my stomach and was worrying that everyone on this site was really that simple minded and selfish.

I suppose there is a handy list somewhere on the web of every company that has plants in China with inhuman working conditions. So, every time I go to buy a piece of electronics, a t-shirt, or whatever else, I could check this list and buy from one of their competitors that aren't guilty of these things (assuming there are any who aren't). Then I could write letters to all these companies and tell them why I didn't buy from them.

To those of you who came here to voice your dissatisfaciton about the situation, are you going to be willing to do the above? Yeah, me neither. I suppose you can find 1001 different reasons to boycott these companies, but I have decided that the only way I am going to boycott one of them is if they end up screwing me over personally. (For example, Time Warner is currently on my sh*tlist for a bait and switch move they tried with a special offer for digital cable.) Otherwise, I might as well just move into a log cabin in the woods, because if I refused to do business with companies who were up to no good, I wouldn't be able to purchase anything.

If something is going to change in this regard, it has to be from the people who are being mistreated. Their problems are not mine, and vice versa. As soon as they refuse to not work for those wages, then the companies are going to pack up shop and relocate to another country where people will.

Perhaps the US government should step in and do something about this, but don't sit there and try to make me feel guilty about it, especially if you're not doing the above. It's easy to come on the web and talk sh*t about what 'people' should be doing, but if you're not walking the walk, you need to STFU.

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RE[4]: shit happens
by Ben Jao Ming on Thu 18th Dec 2008 17:55 in reply to "RE[3]: shit happens"
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OK, I'll STFU. Thanks for this enlightening post. I will now stop caring and leave everything to the politicians, because the only alternative is to live in a cabin in the woods.


And for a similar case, there's the Greenpeace Guide To Greener Electronics:

A nice thing to do, presuming that you want an easy way to care is to support international labor organizations.

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