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In the News In a muckraking article, suppliers to well-known computer manufacturers are accused of mistreating workers and violating Chinese labor law: "According to a Hong-Kong based human rights organization, working hours total up to 370 hours per month, workers aren't receiving the legal minimum wage and in the run-up to Christmas, days off are cut out entirely." One of the reasons that high tech hardware has become so widespread and useful is because it's so inexpensive. As this article demonstrates, this affordability can come at a price.
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RE[2]: shit happens
by fithisux on Thu 18th Dec 2008 07:23 UTC in reply to "RE: shit happens"
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"I prefer inside pressure (strikes and so on). Maybe the Chinese gov. can do something. External pressure from the West can be counterproductive."

I agree. The west should stay out of this one. Though, as for the government of China, they condone this type of thing. I would expect it to be ignored.

I agree, don't buy Chinese products "The west should stay out of this one" this is the right thing to do, justice. But wait the companies who rule the West do not agree and we as loyal slaves follow them and make other people slaves for the companies (we are not better). The prices are low because they work under inhuman conditions. This is a pseudo-dilemma, if they could get reasonable (and not legal, anther pseudo-dilemma)wages, prices could remain low, but companies are greedy and want high profit margins. We are cannibals and we are paying for this. Enough is enough, corporates betaryed nations by moving their manufacturing plants to China and have given rise to unemployment. Do you think they did it because they care? The main problem is that they were looking for slaves in Europe/America but they could not find. If China decides not to provide slaves what do you think will happen? Take your time to think about it.

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