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RISC OS Earlier this month we reported on RISCOS Ltd [ROL] possibly undertaking legal action against RISC OS Open Ltd [ROOL], with the latter being the shared source project started by Castle. This news came down pretty hard on the already small RISC OS community, but it did have a number of positive effects: representatives from both ROL and ROOL were quick to explain that there is absolutely no animosity between the two companies, and that the community has nothing to fear.
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Yes the EEEPC is cheaper. I bought one in Nov2007 when they came out here. However, it is just a celeron and the new ones are Atom's. There would have to be a HAL eating upa bit of that power.

The main problem with porting RISCOS (which I suggested in 1997/8) is the OS is a pig in a poke. It is nice, but it has lots of old chunks of BASIC and hard to rewrite assembler (ARM Assembler). That is probably wher the speed came from. I remember a home written Imaging app we used in 1992-1995 that was ARM Assembler with a BBC Basic front end running on an 8Mhz machine. It aws actually quite fast. :-) Anyway I digress.....

It would take a lot of time and effort to do this and there is no money (real money) in the OS to make it worth while.


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