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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm recently announced over $500 million in losses, but then we all knew Palm wasn't too hot on the market these days despite their efforts to sell Windows Mobile devices. Palm is hoping to make a comeback, however, with new smartphones sporting Nova in 2009.
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Palm Hardware
by kev009 on Sat 20th Dec 2008 03:10 UTC
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I've been a Palm user for a long time. I really liked Palm OS - it was simple and reliable. But they let it stagnate and it just can't compete with modern smartphone alternatives.

I've also always liked Palm hardware. The Treos have been awesome, and I really like the keyboard on them - the iPhone touch input is much slower and less reliable and slide out keyboards add significant bulk.

So when I lost my Treo 650, I decided to pick up an 800w. From a hardware perspective, this thing is awesome - Wifi, GPS, EVDO, keyboard, good screen, and compact form-factor. But Windows Mobile is painful. Crashes, abysmal battery life, general sluggishness.. it's too bad Palm keeps fumbling with nextgen OSes.

I just hope they figure it out before they go under! An alliance with Nokia or Google wouldn't be a bad idea.

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RE: Palm Hardware
by JonathanBThompson on Sat 20th Dec 2008 04:19 in reply to "Palm Hardware"
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Hmmm.... and here I just left the employ of a company that turned down being acquired by Microsoft for Search, mostly, and a lot of people were saying that'd be bad, getting in bed with the enemy or (which also didn't happen) getting in bed with the biggest competitor, Google, which was prevented by threats of lawsuits. Or, how about Novell getting in bed with Microsoft in the OS business on the server/PC side of things with Linux? How's THAT been working out? Sure, their Linux-based revenue has grown, but they're still losing money with it, so...

Observation: it rarely makes long-term (or often even short-term) sense for business viability to get into bed with your staunchest competitors, because then you've got nothing to differentiate yourself, and they hold all the relevant cards worth holding. In other words, Palm likely has the best long-term chances by doing well, but on its own terms, and not that of their competitors. Otherwise, there will be nothing left of Palm but what's recorded by tech and business historians, and a bit of Palm-branded hardware that some people refuse to give up until they're dead, or their hardware is dead, whichever comes first ;)

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RE: Palm Hardware
by helf on Sat 20th Dec 2008 05:11 in reply to "Palm Hardware"
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yeah, i adore my treos. I'm currently typing this on my treo 800. i really like it so far. has everything i want in a phone for the most part. i wasnt really lookin forward to WM but 6.1 pro is decent. can be a little sluggis at times. Only time it has crashed it when i was doing to much at once and ran out of memory. WM doesn't handle that very gracefuly ;)

I hope palm survives. I'll be really sad if the Treos disappear. its been the only line of smartphones I've liked using. And I've used quit a few.

oh, i have an 8gb MicroSDHC card and a Redfly.. i rarely drag my laptop out anymore. Just use my phone. lol.

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RE: Palm Hardware T5
by jabbotts on Sat 20th Dec 2008 13:18 in reply to "Palm Hardware"
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For me it was the T5; the perfect balance physical buttons, virtual input space and maximized screen area on a chassis shape that just seems right. The Lifebook was a thicker chassis and the Treo's crippled the screen by using half the hardware space for a button pad. Add to that the features that peaked in the T5 and slowly got dropped after like flashdrive mode and it became very hard to replace. Eventually the N800 and later N810 came along but until then, I could find nothingthat compared to my T5.

I remember everyone running around with there new first and second generation iPods telling me; "what do you meand you don't have an iPod, they're awsome." Too which I'd reply; 'this plays music, video, text documents, keeps my todo/calendar/contacts, does SMS out my phone through bluetooth and allows me to install interesting programs like Bluejacker.. why on earth would I limit myself to something that can only play music?" - to be honest, even the iPod Touch wouldn't suite my needs like the T5 and my N810 both can.

Here's hoping Palm can do something to regain a foothold in the market they created. I don't think could give me something better than Maemo5 on the next Nokia tablet but for the years that they where the vendors meeting my needs (Palm Vx, Palm ???, Palm T5) I wish them well.

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RE: Palm Hardware
by JJ44 on Sun 21st Dec 2008 00:15 in reply to "Palm Hardware"
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I'm with you. I also have a Treo 800w and looked great on paper but turned out to be junk. Crashes, without a doubt the worst audio of any dumb or smartphone on the market, battery life that makes it a "no go" for business users and half functioning GPS.
With Sprint discontinuing the 800w and replacing it with the Treo Pro in a couple of weeks it I will give the Treo Pro a chance as my brother has one and it fixes all the 800w problems and adds several features. The cruel joke on the Sprint Treo forums is the 800w was the test model for the Treo Pro.

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