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General Development IBM delves into what's new in PHP 5.3: Part-1 shows you the changes to the object-orientated capabilities, and Part-2 shows you the exciting new possibilities with real closures and lambda functions. ["Read more" for Kroc's personal commentary]
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RE[2]: PHP5 is object oriented
by tyrione on Sat 20th Dec 2008 23:40 UTC in reply to "RE: PHP5 is object oriented"
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I write exclusively v5 for PHP. A language cannot be properly object-orientated if the base objects are themselves not objects. String, Array &c. are not object-orientated and any commands involving them are entirely procedural. Using libraries to dance around this doesn't change what PHP inherently is—a procedural language with objects tacked on.

I do understand what you’re saying, but having coded a lot of VB6, Javascript and PHP I know the limitations of hybrid languages.

Don't know why you're getting marked down, other than the fact those marking you down don't know a damn thing about OOA/OOD, let alone OO Programming.

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