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General Development IBM delves into what's new in PHP 5.3: Part-1 shows you the changes to the object-orientated capabilities, and Part-2 shows you the exciting new possibilities with real closures and lambda functions. ["Read more" for Kroc's personal commentary]
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RE: CodeIgniter anyone??
by sbergman27 on Mon 22nd Dec 2008 03:16 UTC in reply to "CodeIgniter anyone??"
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Have you used CodeIgniter or CakePHP?

I've written in PHP. I've written in Python. I've written in TurboGears and Django on top of Python. And I've written in RoR on top of Ruby. I know the difference between a language and a framework.

With CodeIgniter and CakeWalk, would one still be writing in and on top of PHP? If so, you are missing the point. Look at it this way. If I told you that there was this fantastic new web framework out there called Q-Igniter that was based on qbasic that you just had to try... how seriously would you take that?

My web programming started in PHP, but I've since moved on to real languages.

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