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General Development IBM delves into what's new in PHP 5.3: Part-1 shows you the changes to the object-orientated capabilities, and Part-2 shows you the exciting new possibilities with real closures and lambda functions. ["Read more" for Kroc's personal commentary]
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I don't see a Javascript as being hacked together in that way at all. Rather, the progress of Javascript seems much more formalized and thoughtful than in most other scripting languages out there (there is actually a formal specification). Yes, Javascript is very simple, and doesn't attempt the sorts of things you find in big systems languages, but it is an elegant simplicity,

Javascript suffers a bit from premature standardization. Netscape had a browser war to fight. But you are correct. It was not just hacked together as a quick and dirty scripting language. Javascript is a widely misunderstood language. And one of the things that is most widely misunderstood is that it is most definitely *not* very simple. The reference I use is O'Reilly's "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" which weighs in at a thousand pages.

It has its bad points, like weak typing. (I should be very clear that I far prefer dynamic typing over static typing. But weak typing is just *too* error prone.) Rather bizarrely implemented weak typing, at that. 1 + "1" = "11"?

Javascript has also suffered from a combination of being given a name that makes it *sound* flimsy, and the fact that implementations up until the currently emerging crop of them has *actually been* flimsy. In addition, the way "web developers" pass around Javascript snippets in cookbook fashion hasn't helped its image, either.

But the language standard itself is solid. And that's good. Because we're all going to be using a lot more of it in the coming years.

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