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Windows Windows Vista has been out and about for a while now, and it has already been updated with a service pack, with a second service pack on its way. Vista's successor, Windows 7, is also getting closer and closer to release, but despite all that, Windows XP is still going strong, and demand for the operating system remains high. Because of that, Microsoft has yet again extended Windows XP's lifetime for OEMs and resellers.
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vista had a lot going for it; MS completely rewrote the networking stack, the sound stack, created a new hardware-based graphics API (WPF), locked down the kernel, added promotable admin rights, put IE in its own sandbox, redid the way memory is managed, added IO priorities, seriously improved wake-from-sleep time, etc.

unfortunatly it didnt polish it up at all. well with 7 the polish comes on and its good. realll good.

Like they did with Vista...and its still DRM infected. Benchmarks are showing little to no improvements to performance....because it is Vista.

The reality is though because of the way Microsoft release you are due a whole host of new regressions.

Thats ignoring all the stuff users hate...change even if it is for the better.

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You're not actually quoting that Randall , are you? I thought we all agreed that guy, quite frankly, doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground, and has been relegated to "troll" status.

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