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Windows Windows Vista has been out and about for a while now, and it has already been updated with a service pack, with a second service pack on its way. Vista's successor, Windows 7, is also getting closer and closer to release, but despite all that, Windows XP is still going strong, and demand for the operating system remains high. Because of that, Microsoft has yet again extended Windows XP's lifetime for OEMs and resellers.
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Let me get this right, ok (if) I was a Windows XP user I will not be able to purchase or buy it if I wanted to.

Next up, Vista lots of issues, Corporations are not converting over to it because it is not worth the hassle and the money to re-engineer/purchase new equipment when companies are slashing jobs in order to prevent bankruptcy.

Lastly, (if) I was a consumer/corporation I shell out MORE money for the magical Windows OS 7 because they say it is so great. Look at the graphics, look at the icons, meanwhile in reality, Viruses, Malware/Spyware run amuck in Windows land with no end in sight. I really think if you took all of the money spent on security/design flaws in the Windows lineage you could most likely bail out the auto-makers with it.

Not only the expense for the software license, the end user pays for a Anti-Virus, a REAL firewall, and other utilities to rid the machine of constant infections of trojans, ect...

This is reality, I see no ROI on investing more money in a failed Operating System Vista/Windows 7 or any other scheme they can cook up.

Red Hat will be supporting a release for 10 years, there is NO reason to upgrade from XP/Vista/Windows7 why should the end user change?

Will it help with productivity, what about viruses, trojans, they follow every Window release and money spent. I will be amazed how MS can pull this off with the current Economic climate, every week companies lay off more workers, will this make a company productive by spending thousands of dollars on MORE hardware/software to get a new set of screensavers, icons and pretty graphics?

I hardly think so, MS will find out no matter how large of a company you are and how much money that comes in it can fail. The bigger the company the more money it takes to keep it afloat. I am sure no one would have imagined how many Banking/auto makers would be failing and cutting jobs. I do not forsee companies chomping at the bit to spend money on re-writing applications and buying more software when they are barely clinging onto existence.

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I wish I could have modded you up to 100, but alas.
Never a truer word written in these forums.

Current Computers and operating systems can do everything a person/company needs today without buying new hardware or software. And if there is some niche that needs filling, third parties will create the pieces needed for free or for profit at a fraction of the cost of new everything.

When the world is in financial collapse, only a fool would buy new hardware and software that offers nothing new.

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