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Legal The legal back-and-forth between PsyStar and Apple is slowly but surely moving into the twilight zone. Not too long ago we had Apple going all black helicopter on PsyStar claiming people and/or companies other than PsyStar are involved in the clone maker's unlawful practices, even though Apple could so far not name any of them because, well, they don't know who they are yet. If that wasn't enough, PsyStar now claims that Apple's copyright on Mac OS X is invalid.
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A question in court could be if this right is included...

This case is actually really simple, and boils down to two simple questions:

I) Are 3rd parties allowed to resell legally purchased copies of Mac OS X?

II) Is Apple allowed to cripple its software to force people into buying its hardware?

Every other complaint flying back and forth between the two companies has to do with either of these two questions. Boiling it down to these very essences, any sincere and just court would rule in favour of PsyStar, and the general consumer.

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With regards to number 2 i dont see why not. Its their product and its not a monopoly.

Number 1 is the interesting one and may be one of the key points in the case.

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I) Are 3rd parties allowed to resell legally purchased copies of Mac OS X?

Of course they are. Are 3rd parties allowed to resell legally purchased Fords? Of course. Random House books? MS Windows retail copies? Of course. Copies of the NY Times? Of course! Is anyone really going to argue that OSX is the only thing you cannot sell second hand once you've legally bought it? Is there some special Act of Congress that makes it unlawful?

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