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OSNews, Generic OSes Consider the following a little Christmas gift. Some of you may have already noticed, but for a few months already OSNews has seen a shift in content. Not necessarily in the subjects we cover, but more in the way we present our news. We've experimented for long enough now - we have settled on a definitive change in our content type. Read on for the details.
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could we please have a combined RSS feed for our readers?

I can't do that for you personally, but yes, this should definitely happen (assuming you mean page 1+page 2). It'll be up to Adam to set it up though.

It might already exist, though. I don't use RSS, so I really wouldn't know ;) .

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combined rss would be great ;)

I like where you guys are going with this but I like my feed unadulterated ;) hehe

cheers and Merry Christmas!.

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