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OSNews, Generic OSes Consider the following a little Christmas gift. Some of you may have already noticed, but for a few months already OSNews has seen a shift in content. Not necessarily in the subjects we cover, but more in the way we present our news. We've experimented for long enough now - we have settled on a definitive change in our content type. Read on for the details.
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Regular posts
by sbergman27 on Thu 25th Dec 2008 17:33 UTC
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Hmmm. I'm not sure if this would be a considered a "Glorified RSS reqest". But regarding "long articles"... it's always seemed to me that the editors all have their own personal accounts which probably command more attention than the regular user accounts, anyway. Why not keep the official stuff relatively "just the facts" and then post the opinions as regular posts. Lots of people here "know a thing or two about a number of subjects" and find the regular comment section to be a perfectly adequate vehicle. I dunno. It just seems like in the past, when neighborhood site operators start talking about "Editorial Vision" and stuff, it only bodes ill for the future.

OSNews is great. But it's not CBS News, and you're not Walter Cronkite. And that state of affairs is perfectly fine with me.

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RE: Regular posts
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 25th Dec 2008 17:38 in reply to "Regular posts"
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Why not keep the official stuff relatively "just the facts" and then post the opinions as regular posts.

That's the privilege we have as editors ;) . That's just how the world works. So to be blunt: no.

The thing is though, if you submit an article to us, or even a well-written regular long news item, we'll publish it. We are very open to publishing different opinions - we always have been. In other words, you can have the same kind of podium that we have. Feel free to use it.

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RE: Regular posts
by Kroc on Thu 25th Dec 2008 20:02 in reply to "Regular posts"
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Content needs personality.

A news item is going to be presented and written about on a million blogs up and down the Internet.

OSnews can’t be everything to everyone, but it can be something to someone. It is better that we provide something unique to the Internet -- even if some people don’t like it -- than to be nothing more than a Yahoo Pipes feed regurgitating everybody else’s RSS.

Yes, our "opinions" will piss some people off, but we as news editors are not soulless, genderless, completely unbiased machines. OSnews will be no more biased, unbiased or opinionated with "longer" items than it was without them.

We want to bring original thoughts, and original discussion to the table, and we can only do that by taking our roles as editors more seriously.

Kind regards,
Kroc Camen.

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RE[2]: Regular posts
by sbergman27 on Thu 25th Dec 2008 20:07 in reply to "RE: Regular posts"
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OSnews can’t be everything to everyone, but it can be something to someone.

Well, "read more" is definitely a move in the right direction from the unnecessarily annoying "my take"... as long as the story links are in the short blurb visible without having to read through the opinion part. (Restricting the blurbs to "just the facts, ma'am" would be a plus, too.) Which is not to say that I generally disklike reading you guys' opinions. That's more a matter of disliking feeling manipulated. I suspect that without some strong aversion to feeling manipulated, we'd all be using Windows, never having even thought to consider other operating systems (regardless of what we've actually settled upon), and most of us wouldn't be here.

Edited 2008-12-25 20:16 UTC

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RE[2]: Regular posts
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 29th Dec 2008 22:02 in reply to "RE: Regular posts"
Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

I realize this is an old posting but I was on vacation at the time.

I think the long article should be as neutral as possible, while realizing that complete neutrality is impossible. But, I also think opinions on the material are fine, I just think there should be a clear dividing line.

My ideal osnews would be such:

New wizzerbang gadget gets new Whosiwhat

Project leaders annocned today that the wizzerbang gadget would now have whosiwhat functionality. This comes in response to frequent criticism from its community that it was falling behind arch competitor Tartimal who has had the whosiwhat functionality for upwards of a year.

Commentary by Bill Shooter Of Bul:

Wizzerbang is spending too much time trying to play catch up and become Tartimal, while not doing enough to enhance it sown unique functionality. Whosiwhat-ism is nice for those that need it, but everyone that does need it is already using Tartimal. Those that use Wizzerbang have a different use case that is best left uncluttered with the modifications to the codebase that whosiwhat will necessitate.


Bill is obviously a puppet of big Gargiphol. Anyone int the Yasterfund industry needs whosiwhat, whether they know it or not.


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