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OSNews, Generic OSes Consider the following a little Christmas gift. Some of you may have already noticed, but for a few months already OSNews has seen a shift in content. Not necessarily in the subjects we cover, but more in the way we present our news. We've experimented for long enough now - we have settled on a definitive change in our content type. Read on for the details.
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by alpayerturkmen on Thu 25th Dec 2008 20:34 UTC
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This is take two as my "is this really what you want to be doing right now?" filter kicked in, so I switched to Safari ;)

I don't know when or how I started reading OSnews but I have been reading for a long time. I am not the talker type of guy on the Internet, probably because I am not a native English speaker so basically I am a reader. I have actually just now registered for OSnews and posting my first comment.

I have been reading and enjoying OSnews over RSS and haven't been onto the actual site for a while. I like OSnews the way it is, but I think it will be at least as good as it is right now in the new direction you are taking. Internet is all about getting to information but I have just recently noticed that Web 2.0 is all about what you think about this information, whether it is your friends, your photos or news items.

So kudos for the new direction and thanks for all the fish -but please keep the news items, blurbs, whatever you call them so that I don't have to go out and find a new news source.


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RE: Appreciation
by soonerproud on Fri 26th Dec 2008 00:59 in reply to "Appreciation"
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Your English is excellent and in my humble opinion is better than most of us who are native speakers. Please do not be afraid to post your opinions in the future. Many of us regular readers would love to read what you have to say.

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