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Legal Large multinational software companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, rarely - if ever - initiate patent infringement lawsuits against other software companies, probably because they themselves infringe on lots of patents too. However, they do get sued themselves by smaller companies. Even though the Christian part of the world is all about forgiveness and love and pink ponies during the holidays (or, at least, they ought to be), Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been struck by a patent infringement lawsuit started by Cygnus Systems.
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RE: Cygnus Systems
by lemur2 on Sun 28th Dec 2008 05:23 UTC in reply to "Cygnus Systems"
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From a documentary I watched the name was from GNU open source arena.

I could be wrong, they are also Microsfot Gold Certified Partner as well.

I am afraid this could spell doom for this company and what their motives are for initiating this type of lawsuit.

According to Ars Technica (normally a very reliable source), the patent troll Cygnus Systems should not be confused with the open source company Cygnus Solutions.

Cygnus Systems, Inc., a networking company based in Michigan, got into the holiday spirit by suing Microsoft, Apple, and Google for violating a patent it was recently awarded, which covers the navigation and access of files based on representational thumbnails.

... and later in the same article ...

Cygnus (not to be confused with Cygnus Solutions, which gave us open source tools like gcc and Cygwin)

... and again later still ...

This piece has been edited to reflect the fact that Cygnus Systems, Inc.—the small networking company that filed this suit—has nothing to do with Cygnus Solutions, which produced open source tools like gcc and Cygwin before merging into Red Hat in 1999.

PS: There would be no joy for open source in this patent either:

Hence any open source interests, such as the Linux Foundation, would be likely to side with Microsoft, Apple and Google in the context of this lawsuit.

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