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Windows Coming January, Windows 7 will make its big debut in the form of the first public beta release. However, just as with any other pre-final Windows build, it has already been leaked onto various torrent websites, and Paul Thurrot, everyone's favourite Microsoft zealot ["...hopefully Web site owners will get serious about getting ready for the next IE and correct these issues." Wait, what?], has written a review of this new beta. He concludes: "In use, Windows 7 is fairly unexceptional in the sense that, yes, it has some nice improvements over Windows Vista, but, no, none of them are particularly major changes. In this sense, Windows 7 is much like your typical Microsoft Office release, a nicely tweaked version of the previous release. (Cue the obvious Steven Sinofsky anecdote here, I guess.) That said, Windows Vista is clearly in need of a spit-shine, not to mention a public execution, and Windows 7 will provide Microsoft with a way to do both."
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Here we go again...
by LobalSurgery on Mon 29th Dec 2008 20:41 UTC
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Thurrott gives the Windows 7 beta a four out of five "Smiling Thurrott Head" rating.

I thought this sounded a little familiar, so I dug up his final review on Windows Vista, which received the same rating (and is "highly recommended"):

In this review, he claims that "Windows Vista performs as well or better than Windows XP on identical, modern hardware" - this didn't turn out to be the experience for the vast majority of users.

So in this new article he goes on to say that "performance-wise, Windows 7 appears to be in the Windows Vista ballpark", which by his logic should put it in the same league as XP. *Sigh*

He seems to go either way with Windows pre-releases, but rest assured he'll be fawning over the retail version.

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RE: Here we go again...
by google_ninja on Mon 29th Dec 2008 20:52 in reply to "Here we go again..."
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The only noticeable difference I could tell between windows 7 beta and an up to date vista in terms of performance is the boot time. On the same machine, I would say that 7 is close to twice as fast, and doesn't thrash the disc for a few minutes after boot.

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RE[2]: Here we go again...
by _txf_ on Mon 29th Dec 2008 21:31 in reply to "RE: Here we go again..."
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The reason we are told, that vista thrashes the disk is to make bootups "really fast" the next time and general maintenance. That and the plague that are systray progs...

So if windows 7 doesn't do this, it's either because you don't have any additional crap running (whether this is an achievement of windows 7 is debatable...wait till oems get their hands on it).

Or, maybe it starts lots of things in the background as they are needed.

Or, maybe just 'cos vista Sucks!

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RE: Here we go again...
by flanque on Mon 29th Dec 2008 21:29 in reply to "Here we go again..."
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Yeah.. problem is he's not the only one saying it.

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RE[2]: Here we go again...
by diskinetic on Mon 29th Dec 2008 22:14 in reply to "RE: Here we go again..."
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Yeah.. problem is he's not the only one saying it.

Additional problem: you didn't provide anyone else who did.

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