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Windows Coming January, Windows 7 will make its big debut in the form of the first public beta release. However, just as with any other pre-final Windows build, it has already been leaked onto various torrent websites, and Paul Thurrot, everyone's favourite Microsoft zealot ["...hopefully Web site owners will get serious about getting ready for the next IE and correct these issues." Wait, what?], has written a review of this new beta. He concludes: "In use, Windows 7 is fairly unexceptional in the sense that, yes, it has some nice improvements over Windows Vista, but, no, none of them are particularly major changes. In this sense, Windows 7 is much like your typical Microsoft Office release, a nicely tweaked version of the previous release. (Cue the obvious Steven Sinofsky anecdote here, I guess.) That said, Windows Vista is clearly in need of a spit-shine, not to mention a public execution, and Windows 7 will provide Microsoft with a way to do both."
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You're surprised?
by cutterjohn on Tue 30th Dec 2008 14:20 UTC
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XP was the same way. Minor update of kernel, some window dressing(literally GUI), a few "new" shared libraries, plus a change in driver architecture.

IOW a slightly updated version of win2k. Pretty much adding those missing shared libs to a win2k install lets it run pretty much all supposedly XP only software until very recent digital restrictions management schemes started to make use of the single new funcion added to the kernel as part of their implementations, however a simple crack neatly gets around that even.

Vista was probably the biggest OS change in years, and before that win2k was the biggest change, then before that windows 95, then before that NT 3.51 the first really useable version of NT.

DOS they bought. Windows 1-3.1 was a DOS shell. NT4 was an update of 3.x, W98 + SE was an update of 95, ME was just an abortion, XP was a tweaking of win2k, and now it sounds like Windows 7 will be a tweak of Vista, but as you can see it is a typical MS pattern.

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