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Windows Coming January, Windows 7 will make its big debut in the form of the first public beta release. However, just as with any other pre-final Windows build, it has already been leaked onto various torrent websites, and Paul Thurrot, everyone's favourite Microsoft zealot ["...hopefully Web site owners will get serious about getting ready for the next IE and correct these issues." Wait, what?], has written a review of this new beta. He concludes: "In use, Windows 7 is fairly unexceptional in the sense that, yes, it has some nice improvements over Windows Vista, but, no, none of them are particularly major changes. In this sense, Windows 7 is much like your typical Microsoft Office release, a nicely tweaked version of the previous release. (Cue the obvious Steven Sinofsky anecdote here, I guess.) That said, Windows Vista is clearly in need of a spit-shine, not to mention a public execution, and Windows 7 will provide Microsoft with a way to do both."
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RE[2]: This is is a killer
by Laurence on Thu 1st Jan 2009 19:29 UTC in reply to "RE: This is is a killer"
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I was commenting about this exact same sentence a day or two ago (since I saw the article long before it appeared here), since when are website owners responsible if the browser engine doesn't adhere to standards and because of such renders webpages incorrectly?

It's like someone telling the city council that they need to change the road pavement because their cars don't have tires...

Oh well, seeing from who it's coming, I'm not amazed (nor amused unfortunately).

If your business earns from its website (be it because of online shops or just because you advertise your products on there) then it's every bit yours and our responsibility to ensure it supports every major browser - even if it's the browsers fault in not adhearing to w3c standards.

Not to do so is a little like cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

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