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Google Netbooks run either Windows or Linux, and both are readily available in shops all over the world. The Linux variants chosen by several netbook manufacturers are usually derived from desktop distributions, and obviously, Windows is a desktop operating system as well. However, netbooks have small displays, and both Windows and GNOME/KDE and some of their applications aren't always suited well for such an environment. Enter Android, Google's Linux-based phone operating system. It is suggested that Android-based netbooks will appear on the market in 2010, maybe even sooner.
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RE[3]: specs going up
by Elv13 on Sat 3rd Jan 2009 05:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: specs going up"
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You should give Evolution a try, with some novell and redhat plugin, it does that very well. Some of my client got Ubuntu+palm treo+google cal and they work very well together.

TB3 will also improve calender support, until that, mozilla sunbird is there, it use the mozilla plugin system, so you can extend it at your will.

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RE[4]: specs going up
by raboof on Sat 3rd Jan 2009 21:04 in reply to "RE[3]: specs going up"
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You should give Evolution a try, with some novell and redhat plugin, it does that very well.

AFAIK that will still only allow you to view and manipulate your own schedule, not others'.

Right now the Outlook/Exchange has really strong group/calendar support. I don't think anything comes close when you're tied to Exchange.

If you can use a calendar server that talks a really open protocol, such as CalDAV, you might have better luck. Too bad it seems right now all web interfaces are tied to specific CalDAV servers - a good web-based interface that would work with any CalDAV server would be a great companion to the very promising Apple calendarserver ( ).

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