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Windows Reviewing the first beta of an important release like Windows 7 is never an easy job to do. A confouding factor is that many people have already made up their mind about Windows 7; not because they have tried it, but because it's a Microsoft product, and therefore it sucks. At OSNews we try to judge products by their own merits, not by the parent company that created it. Read on for a set of impressions regarding the Windows 7 beta.
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Drive letters, libraries
by chris_dk on Mon 5th Jan 2009 18:28 UTC
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Wasn't a new Windows version supposed to remove drive letters and use a path based mounting mechanism similar to Unix-based OS'es?

Also, regarding libraries: it sounds like a good idea. Better than indexing since indexing wears your hard drive down.

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RE: Drive letters, libraries
by __grover on Mon 5th Jan 2009 20:25 in reply to "Drive letters, libraries"
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This is possible since WinXP (maybe even Win2K, don't remember). It's just hidden away in the Disk Manager in the Management Console. And you need to have at least C:, so C: will be your root folder ;)

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RE[2]: Drive letters, libraries
by joshv on Tue 6th Jan 2009 14:25 in reply to "RE: Drive letters, libraries"
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Been there since Windows 2000 I believe - they are called Junction points. Something like hard symbolic links. Though it's not exactly intuitive.

I actually don't much mind drive letters, especially since the A: and B: drives were freed up for general use.

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RE: Drive letters, libraries
by stooovie on Wed 7th Jan 2009 15:47 in reply to "Drive letters, libraries"
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Sadly, folders NEED to be indexed even to be able to be included to library.

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