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Debian and its clones "The developers behind the Debian Linux distribution are preparing for the upcoming release of Debian 5, which is codenamed Lenny. The decision to move forward with the release follows a contentious vote over whether to permit the inclusion of binary blobs in the new version of the distribution. Consensus coalesced around a controversial proposal to "assume blobs comply with the GPL unless proven otherwise."
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Aren't they all from source???
by garf on Tue 6th Jan 2009 21:39 UTC
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I thought all linux firefox's were compiled from source. Because they customise it to have the distributors name in the user agent, and turn off firefox's automatic updates, in favor of the repository updates.

I don't think it is the compiling of source that was the problem for debian, more the fact that Mozilla told them if they used the name firefox, they had to use the firefox logo, which was NOT GPL licenced... So if debian wanted to use an open logo, they had to name it something different.

Thats my understanding...

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The real problem is that the Firefox name and icon should only be used for builds from Mozilla's officially released source code, but since the .debs are containing lots of patches Mozilla asked the debian folks to change the name/icon

So Mozilla just tries to protect the image of their product.

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