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Windows Tech ARP has a collection of dates regarding Microsoft's update program. The upgrade program concerns upgrade paths from Windows Vista to Windows 7, and basically entails that when you buy a Windows Vista machine after July 1 2009, you will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 once it's released. The data also confirm a number of versions for Windows 7.
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RE[2]: Smorgasbord
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 7th Jan 2009 03:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Smorgasbord"
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As opossed to the smorgasbord of linux distribution variations? If ever there's confusion about what variation to install, it's in the Linux operating system bubble.

At least with Linux, there are some noteworthy (read: major) differences between distros. They tend to cater to their own specific purposes of existence quite well, and then there are the general-purpose distros that don't hold anything back. Almost all of them being free, of course.

Windows is meant to be a general-purpose OS, so you'd expect it to have just about every OS-related feature that you need... yet, you always get the feeling, "man, I got screwed--I have to pay more to get another feature that I was able to use perfectly fine on another computer that had Windows [version] installed."

Either that, or you plop 400 bucks down on Ultimate (for whatever reason), and feel screwed for spending so much money just to be able to run your computer (and still being limited by things like the number of other computers allowed to connect to it at a time). You're basically screwed either way, the way I look at it.

Too bad Microsoft won't get realistic on their SKUs and pricing... yet, they'll practically pay certain governments in developing countries to use (and get locked into) their operating systems.

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RE[3]: Smorgasbord
by google_ninja on Wed 7th Jan 2009 13:27 in reply to "RE[2]: Smorgasbord"
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75% of distros are debian or fedora with a different theme and/or different packages.

That is not "noteworthy difference", it is just noise. And we are not talking about 7 here, it is at least 100 that have no real reason for existence.

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