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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus' success with its Eee line of netbooks might have come as a surprise, but the company is now determined to expand the Eee brand into every possible niche and form factor. Case in point: the insanely cool Eee Keyboard, which will surely bring a smile on the faces of those who remember the glory days of the home computer.
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RE: C64 WebIt
by apoclypse on Thu 8th Jan 2009 14:55 UTC in reply to "C64 WebIt"
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Somehow reminds me of the C64 WebIt, does anybody remember that? It looked like a mid-90s notebook without a screen, and it was intended to be used as an internet station which can be connected to a TV screen... but it wasn't a huge success. Maybe the ASUS will be more lucky, I think the time is "righter" now.

Well this time around people aren't stuck with a low resolution display. You have pretty even a 720p tv would look better than what was common when that was out. Surfing the Web on your TV shouldn't be a pain anymore with current display technology

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RE[2]: C64 WebIt
by sinewalker on Thu 8th Jan 2009 21:40 in reply to "RE: C64 WebIt"
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Actually the first thing I saw in it was my first computer, an Amstrad CPC 6128

The Keeeboard's touch-screen placement where the arnold's old 3" disk drive was placed is uncanny!

I want one of these, for nostalgic reasons as well as it's kewlness ;)

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