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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus' success with its Eee line of netbooks might have come as a surprise, but the company is now determined to expand the Eee brand into every possible niche and form factor. Case in point: the insanely cool Eee Keyboard, which will surely bring a smile on the faces of those who remember the glory days of the home computer.
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RE: Traveling
by umccullough on Thu 8th Jan 2009 18:34 UTC in reply to "Traveling"
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And every hotel has a television.

Not sure about you, but I can't remember staying at a hotel here in the U.S. any time in the last few years that had a TV complete with HDMI interface - last I checked, they're still mostly standard-def CRTs with only a composite video jack.

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RE[2]: Traveling
by brissietex on Thu 8th Jan 2009 21:09 in reply to "RE: Traveling"
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You haven't been staying at some of the newer resorts around Vegas, then...bloody nice plasma screen teles in even the standard rooms. A far cry from the cheap little 19" "might as well be black and white" colour tvs.

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