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GNU, GPL, Open Source Thanks to SGI, a potential disaster for Free software purists has been averted. Back in January 2008, it was discovered by the OpenBSD guys that some of the contributions to and the Mesa 3D Graphics Library made by SGI were covered under permissive open source licenses that didn't fall within FSF's definition of Free software. The FSF Compliance Lab worked with SGI to resolve the issue, and they succeeded.
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" That's like assuming people who donate food to the foodbank steal food.

NO it's saying that all BSD's are accomplice in stealing all the food given to the foddbanks when their thieves want to make a profit a the expanse of the food banks and not share anything back by rebranding or repackaging the product given to the foddbanks.

" [/q]

The BSD's give to all as much as the others want. If you want to use food as an example--I think tangible item comparisons do not work with code, imagine that the BSD's are a source of infinite food. Yes, others can rebrand and/or repackage it. However, consumers do not have to partake of this; they can get their food for free.

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That's the problem *imagination* , in reality BSD is finite in it's ressources , just like a foodbanks is.

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