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OSNews, Generic OSes This week, we start with a new regular occurence on OSNews: the imaginatively named Week in Review, where we do a quick rundown of the preceding week's most important news, and maybe add in a few new items that didn't make the cut earlier in the week. We will close off each of them with My Take, a short random musing about whatever subject we please. This week, the news was dominated by MacWorld, Windows 7, and Palm.
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Showing Up Quite A Lot
by Jason Bourne on Mon 12th Jan 2009 00:57 UTC
Jason Bourne
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I think Tom is showing himself up quite a lot recently... this could not be very benefitial, because all you read it's him. Soon people will start to question this site credibility. I've seen some real strange stuff over the past months, even personal rants between him and another publisher. Forgive me, but this is looking more like a personal blog than a news site!

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RE: Showing Up Quite A Lot
by Morgan on Mon 12th Jan 2009 01:12 in reply to "Showing Up Quite A Lot"
Morgan Member since:

OSNews has always had a "rough around the edges", personal feel to it. It's one of the reasons I've been here for so many years. I will admit, Thom's attitude in the past has put me off for a bit, but I get over it because I know it's not personal.

So, if you don't like the way OSNews is going, please create a website more in line with your idea of how it should be done. Drop us a link and I for one would love to visit and help you build a following. As I've always said: If you don't like the way something is done, do it better and you won't have anything to complain about.

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