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KDE When KDE 4.0 was first released, it was met with quite some criticism. Even though people saw the huge potential, the lack of functionality and stability, as well as quite a few bugs detracted from the experience. The KDE developers continued to work on implementing their relatively radical vision, and with the release of KDE 4.2 creeping ever closer, it seems they're well on their way.
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making it usable is part of the plan to get to those 5%.

Basically here you have a double standard. You want usability from oxygen, but not from the program launcher?

You are losing all credibility with regards to your previous usability arguments (not that you had much to begin with).

You seem to belong to the sect of people that cry "this isn't usable" when you don't like the way something has been done, but completely ignore usability when it suits you.

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Well, IMHO GNOME ate KDE's lunch long time ago =), the next round will be GNOME 3 vs KDE 4. It will be a pretty much different scenario.

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So you know better than usability experts? Did you commission a study to see what kind of menu people OTHER than yourself prefer?

You have yet to justify your opinions as to why either fail at usability, beyond the fact that you do not like them.

There are far too many backseat usability expert claiming their preferences as usability. You just happen to be one of them....

What is funny about this is that, myself I don't particularly like kickoff, but I'm not making a fuss especially when it is so trivial to get it changed. Same can be said for visual styles.

Either way why do you're not going to use it, you said it yourself

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Double standard? Neither Oxygen or KickOff are really usable.

I have to agree here. I personally change the KickOff menu to Lancelot, then I install Klearlooks theme for KDE4 and select that, and also set GTK+ applications to use the Clearlooks theme at the same time.

Such a pity that the better options available for KDE are not shipped by default in most distributions.

Perhaps Mandriva's "Ia Ora" default window manager theme is the best default theme for KDE4 that I have seen amongst the distributions.

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