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KDE When KDE 4.0 was first released, it was met with quite some criticism. Even though people saw the huge potential, the lack of functionality and stability, as well as quite a few bugs detracted from the experience. The KDE developers continued to work on implementing their relatively radical vision, and with the release of KDE 4.2 creeping ever closer, it seems they're well on their way.
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I wont argue on oxygen. But, as I've said before I dislike kickoff myself.

However I am not disguising my dislike by saying it has poor usability.

I am not the sum total of the users in kde or the world.

What annoys me is that everyone feels that their own personal preferences should suddenly be counted as a usability argument.

Also "hard to use" does not automatically mean bad usability (however in this context it is true).

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What annoys you is perhaps you feel a little bit over passionate over a myth. It's OK if KickOff is based on studies by PhD people (which is for me, one of the stupidiest and lame excuses that were ever written), but the fact that the PhD's done it, despise me more: How come these alien brainstorming heads didn't come up with something you can actually use? My feeling is that the whole thing was designed with Windows Vista in mind. Suddenly KDE taskbar goes black... hmmm... strange that I've *SEEN* another black taskbar quite earlier and it was not KDE4. See what I mean?

Perhaps my "own personal preference" would also explain why Patrick Volkerding still ships KDE3.x as the default desktop in Slackware!? Like you said, I would have been a mere mortal to also affect these other people's decisions?

I insist that there was nothing wrong with KDE3 and the whole KDE4 should have taken the path of evolution, and not this generalized mess KDE4 became to be. Gosh, it even emulates the Vista fiasco itself! Daunting coincidence!

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Contrary to popular belief, Patrick Volkerding is rather fond of KDE4 (and was so early on, even prior to KDE 4.1):

The look of the new [KDE] desktop is stunning, and the use of SVG and hardware acceleration gives (IMHO) even something like MacOS a run for its money in terms of appearance and user-friendliness. We look forward with great anticipation to merging KDE4 when it is mature enough (and it's getting there fast), and then watching it just get better and better.


Currently, KDE4 resides in testing, which is exactly the place it should go in conservative distributions, at least prior to 4.2 (this is consistent with the message from the KDE4 devs, btw., at least if we neglect the first and overly enthusiastic KDE 4.0 press release note which has been discussed and beaten to death now).

KDE4 will likely AFAIK replace KDE3 when Slackware 13.0 arrives (causes for this delay were given in the changelog for 12.2, mainly the desire not to introduce fundamental architectural changes like a new major version of the X server or KDE4 in a minor release), which will probably - given current intervals between releases of Slackware - happen somewhen between KDE 4.3 and 4.4 .

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So much garbage in so few words. Congrats.

Pretty much everything you said there to justify your opinions, completely nullifies any worth to your points.

This is it I'm done, I've done my shift feeding the trolls at the zoo for this week.

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