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Mono Project The Mono guys got their software to run on Nokia's upcoming 770 Linux internet appliance. More here and a screenshot here.
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a) The licensing issues have been resolved
b) The licensing issues have not been resolved
c) You don't care if at some point in the future, a large number of unsuspecting open source projects get hit with a takedown notice at the whim of Microsoft.

IMHO it is also true for most linux projects. Who know, the PHP, Python, Apahce, Samba, gcc, glibc, gtk, kde, mozilla, openoffice, wine, lazarus, gambas, kdevelop, etc doesn't hurt any M$ patents ? Propbably the most of linux projects can be sued by software patents...

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I'm really so sick of hearing this argument. There is a gigantic difference between the fact that you might accidentally be infringing and knowingly infringing.

Of course you can always get hit by a car when crossing the street and of course that doesn't mean you should never leave your house but that does not mean you should cross at a blind corner with your eyes closed! Use the crosswalk or be very smart and careful!

Does this analogy make sense to you?! My god the "you might always be infringing" argument is so idiotic! I believe it only exists so short sighted mono fanboys can just go on without worring about how dumb they are being.

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There is a gigantic difference between the fact that you might accidentally be infringing and knowingly infringing.

Can you "knowingly infringe" when you don't know for sure? :-)

Everybody keeps claiming that Microsoft might have patents on parts of .NET. For that matter, they might have patents on parts of the Linux Kernel (

So should we stop using the Linux kernel now? Microsoft might have patents on it!

The fact is that Mono does not knowlingly infringe any patents, because Microsoft hasn't listed any actual patents it has that are required to implement the ECMA standards. The only way to know for sure would be to do a patent search, which is expensive. Further, doing a patent search and finding anything could make you liable for treble damages in any patent infringement suit, so it's actually better to just not know. Don't blame me, blame the SNAFU patent/lawsuit practies of the USA.

The patent situation is nearly identical between Mono and Linux. Neither group knows anything for sure, by design (to avoid treble damages).

Until someone brings forth specific patents that Mono/Linux/Apache/etc. actually infringes, nothing can be done. And until that point, raising the "but Microsoft might have patents" FUD against Mono is only a waste of time.

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