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In the News There's a story making its rounds across the 'net about a woman who missed several online classes, and failed her semester, and she claims this happened because she bought a Dell laptop with Ubuntu on it - instead of Windows. She didn't know what Ubuntu was, and was surprised to see that her Windows software, such as Microsoft Office, didn't work. While this isolated case sounds a bit ridiculous, there is still a bigger problem here.
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So the TV station "followed up" by interviewing an "IT expert" at UW-Madison, who said "Ubuntu is for tinkerers."

But, as has been mentioned in this thread, many university "gurus" have never used Linux -- only Windows or Mac, depending on their long-time allegiance and some purchasing agents whim.

My local community college is mostly Windows based, but the Linux department is growing logarithmically and is reaching out to the community to help small business establish themselves using Ubuntu.

Both Windows and Linux require "tinkering" -- no computer system is perfect.

Those who choose to avoid "tinkering" are among the 80-90% of Windows computers infected by a virus or trojan or other malware.

I'll give you 1000 to 1 odds that the woman in the story, if she ever does purchase a computer, will be hit by malware within the first month of her starting to use the system (if she is able to use it at all -- after all, she has to purchase Windows Vista on a new computer right now).

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