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Apple The subject of Apple CEO (and Messiah) Steve Jobs has been in the news quite a bit lately. It's nearly making me sick, the nonstop debate -- not about his health, but rather, about whether or not it's okay to discuss his health in the first place. I'm here to tell you: it's perfectly fine. Long ago, Steve Jobs forfeited his right to any privacy on this matter. Read on and I'll tell you why.
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He's not sick
by hashnet on Sat 17th Jan 2009 02:05 UTC
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Or at least, that's what he may believe.

I have two friends with rather serious conditions, one digestive, the other one having to do with immunity.
They won't admit they are sick!

Incidentally, both are long time vegetarians, and attribute their "drop in wellness" to not being strict enough in their diet. One is trying to become a better vegan.
The similarity with religious beliefs is striking, and might as I try, I can't even suggest that they diversify their diet.

Just speculating, that may be just what Steve Jobs is thinking.

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RE: He's not sick
by thecwin on Sun 18th Jan 2009 17:11 in reply to "He's not sick"
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Bringing vegetarianism into this? ;)

Me, most of my family and millions of other people across the world are happily long time vegetarian.. our family at least are perfectly healthy according to doctors and such ;) . If anything, I eat a bit too 'well' ( ;) ) and should exercise more, but at least my blood pressure and general fitness is good.

Conversely, some of the ones in my family who eat meat are pretty poorly most of the time and have been told to eat less meat by their doctors.

Perhaps your friends are undernourished. Diets can be bad whether vegetarian or not, it just so happens that quite a few vegetarians tend to be the sickly sort that do yoga and eat a few nuts a day at best. Generally the same kind that choose it because they associate it with some spiritual purging of bad vibes from their lower intestines...

Steve Jobs, I can't say, but I assume he has good doctors, and he seems to have admitted quite publically that he's not very well.

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