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Linux Using an Mini-ITX motherboard and some spare parts lying around my study, I was able to put together an extremely powerful internet filtering appliance that is not only powerful but fast, reliable, and darn near impossible to circumvent by computer savvy teens. Most parents do not want to bother becoming the internet police of the household but today's internet is a very hostile place with many different opportunities for trouble.
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RE: Learning about limits
by mintar on Mon 19th Jan 2009 13:10 UTC in reply to "Learning about limits"
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People who don't want to filter what their kids are exposed to also believe that you shouldn't discourage cursing, should allow kids to have sex at any age, or that kids don't need to learn how to speak properly. They are basically anarchists, which is the opposite of society.

I think you're oversimplifying just a little here, and you're throwing a lot of different things into the same pot. Also, this sounds a lot like the rambling you typically get from "family-value" Americans which believe that watching people get brutally slaughtered on TV doesn't harm your kid, while hearing the word "f--k" does. Or that not talking to their kids about sex and telling them that god wants them to marry before having sex prevents them from actually becoming pregnant. Strange thing then that Americans have this problem with teenage moms, while those "anarchist" Europeans don't.

The rest of your post is very insightful, but please don't just blurt out stereotypes as if they were a universally accepted truth.

Oh, and excellent article, BTW! :-)

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