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In the News Those up top (the Presidential Inaugural Committee) chose to utilize Microsoft's Silverlight technology to stream the upcoming inaugural events for the new president of the United States. Though Microsoft certainly likes this idea, this leaves out thousands of people in the US and elsewhere who still cannot run Silverlight or an open source alternative on their systems from viewing the streamed video online. Update by Thom: Linux and PowerPC Mac fans rejoice, as they can watch the inauguration as well using Moonlight. Migel De Icaza wrote: "Microsoft worked late last night to get us access to the code that will be used during the inauguration so we could test it with Moonlight." Microsoft and the Moonlight team fixed this issue in one afternoon, so it might be a little rough.
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RE: Soooo .... - other recent story
by jabbotts on Tue 20th Jan 2009 12:54 UTC in reply to "Soooo ...."
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yeah, I read that other recent story about the girl in college who didn't have the tools needed for doing school work. She baught the ubuntu based Dell because it was cheaper. She then complained because Windows native Word would not install on Ubuntu but didn't look for an alternative applications; would she complain because Windows native Word wouldn't install on osX also? She claimed that it wouldn't connect to her network but details as to why and what she tried are not available. In the end, instead of figuring out how to do what she needed to or returning the notebook, she just called the school and cancelled the courses for that year. The best part was that she was taking IT related courses yet from the article, I'd be surprised if she could even figure out Windows if given a preinstalled system with all required applications ready.

If she was local to my area, I'd bend over backwards to help her; "Word" wouldn't be an issue neither would network connections. She's far from some kind of mislead victim of the zealot revolution though. You can't blame any OS for the shortcomings of the user.

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