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Intel We already reported on the fact that updated Intel Atom chips are expected to arrive somewhere in the second half of 2009. With the Atom being Intel's only platform that's actually profitable, it makes sense for the chip maker to focus a lot of effort into improving the platform. Information provided by the usually-reliable DigiTimes points to some serious improvements making their way to Intel's Atom chip. The new chip is codenamed Pineview.
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RE: Atom is good for small..
by kaiwai on Wed 21st Jan 2009 09:08 UTC in reply to "Atom is good for small.."
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desktops. Morover it is supported by Opensolaris!!!I wonder when they will finish their BlueTooth stack.

From what I understand, the bluetooth work is on hold for more important things; I wouldn't be surprised to see it not in there for quite some time given the low priority. Very few people outside the niche scenario's I find use it.

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