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Games After our article on modern gaming a while ago, we decided to dive futher into gaming. That's why I met up with one of my friends, and asked him if he could loan me the best game he had for his XBox 360. Maybe I should have been a bit more specific, I thought, because when he came over, before I knew it, he shoved a Japanese RPG in my console. This would be my first foray into the strange, magical, and disturbed world of the Japanese RPG. Read on for a review of Lost Odyssey.
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by weildish on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 05:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by neowolf"
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I agree with Thom here. Though relatively new to OSNews, it's not a secret to me that a good chunk of those who work with operating systems, computers, and technology in general will also be attracted to video games, hence the review in order to appeal to these people-- notice it's just one review... not a sudden barrage of not-so-related content. It does seem to be more of a Page 2 item to me, however, but who am I to question?

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