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Legal Remember when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, and held it up in the air, proudly proclaiming "Boy, have we patented it", followed by a massive applause of the adoring audience? It may seem like this wasn't just an empty claim, either. During the earnings conference call yesterday, the company hinted at possible legal action against Palm were the Pre to infringe on iPhone patents.
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Yes, the competition is good for Apple
by theosib on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 14:51 UTC
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Often, competition is scary for a company because it cuts into their marketshare. But in this case, the competition does more to force the cellular carriers to loosen their stranglehold. Until the iPhone, American wireless companies artificially restricted us to a narrow range of middling technology, where it was most profitable for them and most restrictive for us. The iPhone forced them to deal with some better technology, and the competition will force it even further.

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