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Microsoft After much, much, much speculation, Microsoft let the cat out of the bag today: due to weak results, Microsoft is going to cut 5000 jobs. Those 5000 jobs will disappear over the course of 18 months, with 1400 jobs being cut immediately. Quarterly results, as well as the cost-cutting measures, were made known in a press release today.
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It is a shame
by spiderman on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 18:27 UTC
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For a company that have $50 billion in the bank, that does over $50 billion in profit a year, to lay off employees is a big shame.
As always, the workers pay for the share holders.
Where is this society going? The share holders are supposed to take the risk and responsibility in exchange for the huge profits they are pumping on the back of the workers.
So this year is tough? They didn't increase their profit by 30% but only 10% year over year? Too bad they will only get $50 billion instead of the $100 billions they expected? Come on! The workers made the software, the workers marketed the software, the workers sold the software and the workers are layed off when your profits are not as high as you expected?
How can they look at their face in the mirror they bought several thousands of dollars and not see they are assholes? How can they go buy their 12th Ferrari and fire 5000 people? Those guys should really be ashamed of themselves.

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RE: It is a shame
by Yamin on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 20:38 in reply to "It is a shame"
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yeah, but it is the fault of the engineers and computer scientists.

Do we form cooperative companies?
Do we form professional association?
Do we unionize?

No, we buy into the corporate ventual capital, share holder model. As they say, us workers didn't have a problem taking their money in the beginning.

Even when we are successful (Bill Gates) or any number of other rich people. Do we use that money to create our own employee owned companies... nope. Not doing that either.

The only shame belongs on us engineers/programmers for not empowering ourselves.

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RE[2]: It is a shame
by JonathanBThompson on Thu 22nd Jan 2009 23:08 in reply to "RE: It is a shame"
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Yeah, sure! You've clearly got no clue how unions end up causing more harm on both sides than good:

1. At first, perhaps, unions seem to benefit the workers by making better working conditions. Well, that's all fine and well where there's safety problems and human rights violations. But honestly, if you've ever been inside Microsoft's hallowed halls, you'd have a heck of a time attempting to justify that.

2. Longer term, a union makes it nearly impossible for those that are slackers to get fired once they've been hired.

3. And of course, don't forget this: unions inevitably cost the workers more over time because they demand union dues, and also, once a shop has a union, you generally can't work there unless you join their union, and unions (outside of safety/rights violations) rarely have much value to workers, especially ambitious and competent ones.

4. Very long term, when unions out-live their reason to exist and don't disband (most never disband), they end up causing costs to go so high that employers can't afford to keep workers, and things get too expensive, the company goes out of business, and no work is available.

Look how well things have worked for the US auto companies for an example. Oh, there have been unionized engineering shops, but... generally that doesn't work out too well long-term. International Harvester, have you by chance ever heard of them???

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RE: It is a shame
by cobbaut on Fri 23rd Jan 2009 10:13 in reply to "It is a shame"
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For a company that have $50 billion in the bank...

Wrong, their $50 billion dropped to just below $20 billion.

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RE[2]: It is a shame
by spiderman on Fri 23rd Jan 2009 15:14 in reply to "RE: It is a shame"
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All right, I didn't even check. Only $20 billion? Oh My God! We should send donations to those poor share holders... Please, someone give them another $10 or $20 billions to survive! Times are really tough for them!

half of that would be a very good salary for 5000 workers for 40 full years and they would still have a lot remaining. Let me repeat that slowly: They could pay 40 full years (very good pay) with half the money they have in the bank and they would still get their full revenues as profits. They still get over $10 billion a year of profits. They wouldn't even have to cancel their plan to buy a new jet plane and they still save a lot of billions in the bank. Even with a lot of creativity they could probably not spend all the money they would have, even if they kept the 5000 employees. They don't have the time to spend all their money, despite doing that all day. They could hire 5000 more people and they would still have more money than they can spend.
Remember most of these people do nothing productive at all. They have a lot of money and spend it all day buying jets and ferraris. Tell me more about slackers please.

On the other hand, the 5000 people they fired spend their money in shops. They work, they spend. This is how the economy works. Even the worst slacker in the company do more than most share holders and probably spend much less.

No worker, no people in shops, no economy. Only parasites with jets and ferraris. Continue that way and one of these days, no one will be manufacturing even your ferraris anymore.

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