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Mono Project The Mono guys got their software to run on Nokia's upcoming 770 Linux internet appliance. More here and a screenshot here.
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RE: A few data points
by on Wed 21st Sep 2005 13:20 UTC in reply to "A few data points"

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> 1) The prototype Nokia 770 I used for the port arrived on Monday.
> It was sent to me by the nice folks at Nokia just a few days after I
> emailed them about the Mono port to ARM. So far they have been
> interested and supportive.

Did you get the 770 through the developer purchase program, or were they just really impressed by your work and sent you one out of respect? I'm just curious because I entered into the program a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything definite about whether I qualify, so I'd like to know for sure if I should stop keeping my hopes up ;)

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