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Linux Ever year, Linus Torvalds goes on vacation to Australia, during which he usually also visits During his stay this year he gave an interview to ComputerWorld, in which he talked about the success of point releases and the important topic of file systems in Linux, which is quite an active field today with ext4 and Btrfs. He also gave some insights into why he switched away from KDE, moving to GNOME instead, and he shares his thoughts on Windows 7.
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RE[2]: kde3
by Manuma on Sat 24th Jan 2009 14:32 UTC in reply to "RE: kde3"
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Stop blaming Fedora, blame the true responsable of the KDE 4.0-.1 mess, Aaron "I want all your attention" Seigo.

The main problem is that after you try GNOME and get used to its stability,smooth working and the "just works", you cannot back to KDE.

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RE[3]: kde3
by Yagami on Sat 24th Jan 2009 14:48 in reply to "RE[2]: kde3"
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wow ...

unless aseigo now is the manager of kde on fedora, i dont see how he is to blame and not fedora, for that specific mess.

for me it is the other way around ! after using kde , macOSX , even windows, i really cant go back to gnome !

HECK even after using gnome 1.x , i cant go "back" to gnome 2.x.

but hey , everybody has different tastes

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RE[4]: kde3
by panzi on Sat 24th Jan 2009 15:01 in reply to "RE[3]: kde3"
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I talked to a Fedora package maintainer. He said, that they got wrong information from the KDE project previously to the 4.0 release. They got told that 4.0 will be a real final release. However, when they got told that 4.0 wasn't meant for endusers it was to late. It was short before the 4.0 release and Fedora had KDE 3 already replaced (KDE 3 and KDE 4 cannot be both installed because of conflicts).

To switch back to KDE 3 with Fedora 10 wasn't an option. That would triple the breaks for the users (f8 -> KDE3, f9 -> KDE4, f10 -> KDE3, f11 -> KDE4).

However, I think it would have been nice if Fedora would have expanded the support period of Fedora 8 by one month, so one can directly switch from a KDE 3.5 distribution to a KDE 4.2 distribution. :/

Currently I'm evaluation Fedora 10 + KDE 4.2 in VirtualBox and I'm frightened. It's very instable, plasma keeps crashing (desktop, panel, etc.) and it seems not to be possible to remove a plasmoid from the desktop. Every time I relogin all the old plasmoids are back. Sometimes a big grey window covers almost the whole desktop and I can't click anything on it any more. Only relogin helps for that. Also "expose" doesn't work right. Sometimes I have to click twice or even more times on a window to switch to it.

I hope these bugs are because I use it in VirtualBox, but most of them I also experienced when I used the LiveCD. (The ones I didn't experience where features that didn't work at all on the LiveCD (e.g. expose) because of missing support of my graphics card etc.)

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RE[3]: kde3
by segedunum on Sat 24th Jan 2009 21:26 in reply to "RE[2]: kde3"
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Stop blaming Fedora, blame the true responsable of the KDE 4.0-.1 mess, Aaron "I want all your attention" Seigo.

Hmmmmmm. Well Suse managed to do this, as well as any distributor with half a brain. They installed KDE 4.x side-by-side with KDE 3.x, with 3 being the default, and it's only now that 4.2 is planned to be the default KDE desktop.

One can only guess as to why the incompetents at Fedora and Red Hat (as well as Ubuntu) chose to turn 4.0, and 4.1, into a far bigger horror show for the benefit of their own users ;-).

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