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Linux Ever year, Linus Torvalds goes on vacation to Australia, during which he usually also visits During his stay this year he gave an interview to ComputerWorld, in which he talked about the success of point releases and the important topic of file systems in Linux, which is quite an active field today with ext4 and Btrfs. He also gave some insights into why he switched away from KDE, moving to GNOME instead, and he shares his thoughts on Windows 7.
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Thank you.

My opinion exactly.

I used the classic configuration of KDE 4.x so that it looked like KDE 3.5 and now prefer it to KDE 3.5.

I will stick with KDE 4, now.

What is interesting is that KDE 4 doesn't certify a lot of classic applications for KDE4 compliance, but they work anyway. Kubuntu Linux is a great system that way. I can still use my programs even after an update. Requires a tad of software bloat to do so (but I have lots of hard drive capacity and RAM).

Torvalds is using Gnome because it is slimmer for netbook usage (which he says he is trying out).

KDE4 is still in the Occam's razor stage -- slimming and becoming more efficient.

But it will eventually be the dominant desktop interface, for all OS's.

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