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Legal Several days ago when Apple hinted at legal action against Palm, we held our breath to see just what would happen. Now Palm has stepped up to the plate boldly and hinted that they'd fight whatever legal action is thrown at them.
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Apple threatened Palm?
by akrosdbay on Mon 26th Jan 2009 08:33 UTC
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Isn't this just a case of the blogosphere gone wild?

I don't recollect Apple's COO mentioning Palm directly or indirectly.

This is the transcript:
Question: “Now a number of competitors coming for iPhone. Their own variance on customer experience, Palm Pre, Android, Windows. How do you think about sustaining your leadership in sector?”

Cook: “I would say, first of all, it’s difficult to judge products that are not yet in the market. The iPhone has sold over 17 million units thus far. It’s received the highest overall customer satisfaction from many different surveys. And we’ve said since the beginning software’s the key ingredient, and we believe we’re still years ahead on software. I would include with software the Applications Store ad you’ve seen the explosion with half a billion downloads.

”When you think of having multiple variations of displays, of resolutions and input methods, and of hardware, it’s a big challenge to a software developer and it’s not very enticing to build a different app for every one of these things. But we’ll see what people will do. We approached this business as a software platform business, so we’ve approached it fundamentally different than those who approached it only from a hardware point of view.

“We are confident with where we are competitively. We’re watching the landscape, we like competition. As long as they don’t rip off our IP, and if they do, we’ll go after anybody that does. I thought that might be your next question, so that’s why I wanted to get that out.”

Question: “Are you referring to Palm when you say ripping off IP?”

Cook: “I’m not talking about any specific company. I’m just making a general statement. We think competition is good, it makes us better. But we will not stand to have our IP ripped off. We will go after them with every weapon at our disposal. I don’t think I can be more clear than that.”

Looks like the media hyped the hell out of a general quote.

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RE: Apple threatened Palm?
by Soulbender on Mon 26th Jan 2009 08:35 in reply to "Apple threatened Palm?"
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Looks like the media hyped the hell out of a general quote

In other words, business as usual.

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