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Legal Several days ago when Apple hinted at legal action against Palm, we held our breath to see just what would happen. Now Palm has stepped up to the plate boldly and hinted that they'd fight whatever legal action is thrown at them.
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come on now

you cant dismiss an entire legal system because you happen to dislike patents!

The concepts like innocent until proven guilty and the concept of prison being for rehabilitaion and not punishments are great things

To dismiss an institution such as the US legal system in such a complacent manner has, to me, completly undermined any credibility in you or the argument you put forward.

I will happily continue to debate patents but I no longer belive it to be appropriate to do so with yourself

p.s I am not American

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They have been complacent or patent trolls wouldn't get away with what they are doing.

Even if it is legal (and it is) this does not mean that the patent system is deeply flawed. Patents should cover products and physical implementations and not ideas.

Frankly it is almost as stupid as patenting sections of the human genome (which some pharmaceutical companies have done).

I agree that patents should exist, but not in the current form. A lot of the trouble would be prevented if the patent office wouldn't grant patents so complacently.

Who cares whether you're american or not?

What the hell does prison have to do with patent law?

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