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Windows Let's combine the two most popular topics on the internet today into one: Windows 7 on netbooks. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will ship a version of Windows 7 designed for netbooks, the popular small laptops that appear to be the only bright spot in an otherwise abysmal PC industry climate. However, with various reports indicating that Windows 7 already runs fine on netbooks, this raises the question: what exactly is Microsoft planning?
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Desperated MS
by shiva on Tue 27th Jan 2009 14:14 UTC
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Microsoft is desperated with linux netbooks eroding its OEM market and high margins. First MS sold the zombie XP at very low prices and is making marketing around Windows 7 as the final and definitive solution.

Yes, of course windows 7 is the only solution for MS to sold againg a high priced operating systems for the low and falling price of netbooks and PCs in general. MS will bury XP definitively and all the cheap windows versions will rest in peace.

Windows 7 is just a Vista SP2 with a revised and more conservative GUI. MS is gaining time to the hardware of netbooks become more powerful and to run windows 7 decently.

Linux is a better and definitive alternative and it is disponible today and (the most of distributions) for free.

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RE: Desperated MS
by StephenBeDoper on Tue 27th Jan 2009 16:08 in reply to "Desperated MS"
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..."desperated"? "Disponible"? Those are some perfectly cromulent words.

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