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Mozilla & Gecko clones The open source Firefox Web browser continues to grow in popularity. Discover new XML features for the fastest-growing Web browser, including XML parsing, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, SVG, and XForms. Additional third-party extensions provide even more XML support. Elsewhere, Firefox faces challenges as it matures, according to analysts.
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RE[2]: ...stupidity
by Clinton on Wed 21st Sep 2005 16:00 UTC in reply to "RE: ...stupidity"
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SATA RAID? Whew! Let me get up off the floor. I fell off my chair you made me laugh so hard.

I bought an AMD64 computer with three SATA drives not too long ago. My brother bought the exact same machine at the same time. I installed Linux on mine and he tried to install Windows.

I was up and running in less than an hour. Linux detected my SATA drive "out of the box".

On the other hand. My brother was unable to install Windows because the SATA driver that shipped with the motherboard was on a CD, but Windows only supports additional drivers during the install if they are on a floppy drive.

Guess what, nobody buys floppy drives anymore. At least not until they try to install Windows on a machine with a SATA drive and their drivers only come on CD.

Bottom line: Linux supports SATA out of the box. Windows supports SATA out of the box after you drive back to the store to buy a floppy drive and then drive over to your brother's house to ask him to copy drivers off of a CD onto a floppy so you can install Windows XP.

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by Tom K on Wed 21st Sep 2005 16:42 in reply to "RE[2]: ...stupidity"
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by Tom K on Wed 21st Sep 2005 23:56 in reply to "RE[2]: ...stupidity"
RE[4]: ...stupidity
by rain on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 02:41 in reply to "RE[3]: ...stupidity"
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Well, perhaps that's because your response was nothing but a childish troll?
I think most linux users who are in contact with reality is also aware of the fact that every distro sucks in one way or the other, just as Windows, OSX, BeOS, *BSD etc. does.

The mozilla/firefox developers has done a fantastic job transforming the slow ugly hog they had a few years ago into a terrific, easy to use, flexible product that both your geeky teenage neighbour and you grandmother can use.
I'm not saying it's perfect. But it's a proof that the open-source community can take on a challange and deliver a high quality product that competes with the industry leader.

Hopefully they will be able to do the same with Linux in the near future.

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RE[4]: ...stupidity
by on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 11:31 in reply to "RE[3]: ...stupidity"
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Linux Is Poo, what the hell is wrong with you?
(That rhymes!)

Where in my post (first one) did I mention operating systems?

Firefox, like Opera, are multi-platform browsers.

Why did you even raise the subject of OSs into it?

The article is about Firefox and the challenges it may face in the future.

I merely brushed this article off as PR, because as an open-source software developer, we are used to challenges.

Its really sad that people like you feel this way.

Oh well, someone has to feed Microsoft and Symantec. ;)

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