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BeOS & Derivatives Before the BeOS ever made it to x86, it had already spent some time on PowerPC, but the die-hard fans will know that BeOS was actually written and designed for a very different, short-lived processor: the AT&T Hobbit. While a PowerPC BeBox is already quite rare, the Hobbit BeBox was never sold, and only existed in the form of a number of prototypes. Imagine our surprise when we found out that Cameron Mac Millan, former Be employee, sold one of his two Hobbit BeBoxen on eBay a few days ago.
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RE: My BeBox
by Minox on Thu 29th Jan 2009 04:41 UTC in reply to "My BeBox"
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I sold the following on eBay which was bought by the curator of a computer museum:


Dual 66Mhz BeBox w/ Keyboard & Mouse
Dual 133MHz BeBox w/ Spare faceplate
BeIA Prototype webpad
RangeLan 802.11 Access Point
MO44 - Designed for BeOS Midi Device


BeBox Floppy Disks
All Pre-Release BeOS versions
2 copies of BeOS PR2
8 copies of BeOS R3 w/ Install Guides
2 copies of BeOS R3 PPC
1 copy of BeOS R3 Intel
BeOS R4 Retail box
BeOS R4 mailer pack
BeOS R4.5 Retail box
4 copies of BeOS R4.5 (1 is open)
BeOS R4.5 Demo CD
BeOS R4.5 mailer pack
BeOS R5.0 Retail box
BeOS R5 signed by the GoBe team
BeOS R5 updates to R5.0.3
Unreleased BeOS x86 software
Zeta Deluxe Edition
BeIA disc Images
BeIA Developers Kit
Groove Maker
Corum III
Wildcard Designs "Last Chance" CD (All the games they ported to BeOS)
BeOS BuzzCD - from
Gobe Productive 3
Civ: Call to Power signed by the porting team / company owner
GoBe Productive 2 signed by the GoBe team
Tune Tracker Radio System - Pre-Release Signed by Dane Scott - (Owner) TuneTracker Systems


MP3 the Definative Guide by Scott Hacker
BeOS Developer Guide
BeOS Advanced Topics
Programming the BeOS
BeOS Porting Unix Apps
BeOS Pro 5 User Guide
7 Spiral Bound BeBox Developer Guides
BeOS Bible signed to Minox (BeShare Admin) from Scott Hacker


3 BeIA promo flyers
3 GoBe Productive 2 promo flyers
3 BeOS 5 promo flyers
3 GoBe Productive 3 promo flyers


"Be In Your Senses" Pin
2 laser cut vinyl bumper stickers I had custom made
Be Inc CD Case w/OS CDs inside

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RE[2]: My BeBox
by bryanv on Thu 29th Jan 2009 20:05 in reply to "RE: My BeBox"
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I sold off all my BeOS systems, and gave away my BeOS Books.

I see we're all purging.

Show of hands for who owns a Mac now?

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RE[3]: My BeBox
by StephenBeDoper on Fri 30th Jan 2009 01:17 in reply to "RE[2]: My BeBox"
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Show of hands for who owns a Mac now?

Scot Hacker, for one ;)

Still hanging on here, though. I've personally stopped holding out any hope of OS X being a suitable replacement - after nearly a decade, it still hasn't entirely caught up to BeOS circa 1998 (or for that matter, the usability refinements of the "classic" MacOS). To this day, even plain old R5 offers me a greater range of hardware choices than OS X - and that's despite having spotty hardware support to begin with, combined with being "dead" for close to a decade.

At this point, Haiku excites me more than anything coming from Apple.

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RE[3]: My BeBox
by memson on Fri 30th Jan 2009 10:09 in reply to "RE[2]: My BeBox"
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I raise my hand... more than one (and one that even runs BeOS)..

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